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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

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Miranda Faith Kunda was born on November 16, 1998. She was a precious angel from the very beginning. With a beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes, she could take your breath away at a glance. As she grew, God gave her a contagious laugh and the longest, thickest, dark-brown curls you would ever see. Miranda had a love for Jesus that only an innocent child could have. Mark 10:14-15. 
When Miranda was 5 years old she was at a church conference with her parents. She wanted to play on the playground, but every afternoon when there was free time a thunderstorm would come up and she would not be able to go outside. On the 3rd day of this, she saw the storm-cloud coming and told her mother she wanted to pray that it would not rain so that she could go outside and play. She went over by the large window and prayed to Jesus. She came back to where her mom was and told her, “Jesus just told me something you’re not going to like.” Her mother asked her what Jesus had said to her. Miranda said, “He told me I am going to be with Him soon.” 
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